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Johncoo Jointed Glide Bait

Johncoo Jointed Glide Bait

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JOHNCOO 140mm 57g 2 Segment Vibration S Curve Swimming Jointed Fishing Lures Hunter for Bass Pike Muskie Hard Bait Wobbler

2-segment jointed construction gives it a remarkable swimming motion.

The glide bait has a unique S-wave action and big profile, and it can be controlled with pauses and reel turns, which can give it more drawing power that appeals to larger fish.

With 4 stainless steel balls built in, along the bottom of the swim bait, to keep balance and for further distance casting, and the steel balls also make the lure noisy which will be a big factor especially when water clarity is low, rather than lure action or color.

Fiber Hair Tail Glide baits Design--Just like a real fish.

The 3D printed main body coated with pearl powder, replicates excellently the color and pattern of the actual bait fish.

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