How to fish using the ReelBass STUPID DUCK

How to fish using the ReelBass STUPID DUCK

Fishing with a topwater duck lure can be a fun and effective way to attract predatory fish that feed on surface-dwelling creatures.The duck lure mimics a wounded or struggling bird on the water's surface, making it an enticing target for fish like bass, pike, and muskies. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to fish with a topwater duck:

  1. Pick the right fishing rod and line: A medium to medium-heavy fishing rod with a fast action is suitable for casting and controlling the lure. Pair it with a sturdy braided or monofilament fishing line with a test strength suitable for your target species.

  2. Choose the right fishing location: Look for areas with vegetation, lily pads, fallen trees, or other cover where fish might be hiding and actively feeding on the surface. Shallow areas near the shoreline are ideal for topwater fishing.

  3. Cast and retrieve technique: Cast the duck lure towards the desired area and allow it to land softly on the water's surface. Once it's on the water, use a combination of steady retrieves, twitches, and pauses to mimic a distressed or injured duck. Experiment with different retrieval speeds and patterns to see what attracts the fish.

  4. Work the lure with realism: The key to fishing with a duck lure is to create a realistic action. Imagine how an injured duck would move on the water and try to replicate that. Make the lure quack, splash, and glide erratically to entice fish into striking.

  5. Stay patient and alert: Topwater fishing can be thrilling as you often get to witness the fish attacking the lure on the surface. However, it requires patience and keen observation. Be ready for explosive strikes and maintain focus on your lure at all times.

  6. Set the hook: When you see or feel a fish strike, resist the urge to immediately set the hook. Give the fish a brief moment to take the lure properly. When you feel the weight of the fish, give a strong upward hookset to ensure the hooks penetrate the fish's mouth..

Remember that fishing success may vary depending on the time of day, weather conditions, and the specific location you're fishing. Topwater fishing can be incredibly exciting, so enjoy the experience and the thrill of seeing fish explode on your STUPID DUCK lure!

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