How to fish using ReelBass JOKER

How to fish using ReelBass JOKER

Fishing for bass using ReelBass JOKER can be highly effective, especially in the pre-spawn, post-spawn, and fall seasons when bass are actively feeding. Here's the best way to fish for bass using a lipless crankbait:

Gear Selection:

  • Use a medium to medium-heavy baitcasting rod, typically around 6'6" to 7' in length, with a fast action to handle the lure's action and cast accurately.
  • Match the rod with a low-profile baitcasting reel with a smooth drag system.
  • Opt for a braided or fluorocarbon fishing line with a pound test suitable for the size of the lure and the potential size of the bass.

Location and Presentation:

  • Target areas with cover and structure such as submerged vegetation, grass beds, rocky points, drop-offs, and shallow flats where bass are likely to be present.
  • Cast the Joker and allow it to sink to the desired depth before starting your retrieve.

Retrieve Technique:

  • Use a steady and moderate-speed retrieve with occasional pauses to allow the lure to sink and flutter.
  • When you encounter submerged vegetation or weeds, try a "yo-yo" retrieve by lifting the rod tip and then reeling in the slack to rip the lure free, imitating a fleeing baitfish.

Varying Your Technique:

  • Experiment with different retrieval speeds and depths to see what entices the bass on a given day.
  • Pay attention to any signs of bass activity, such as surface boils or jumps, and adjust your technique accordingly.

Time of Day and Conditions:

  • JOKERS are most effective during the early morning, late afternoon, and on overcast days when bass are more active near the surface.
  • In colder water, slow down your retrieve to match the bass's reduced metabolism, and in warmer water, a faster retrieve may trigger more strikes.

Be Patient and Observe:

  • Bass may follow the bait before committing to strike. If you feel any extra weight or hesitation on the line, be ready to set the hook.
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