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Agile Craw

Agile Craw

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10 Agile Craw per package
Shrimp Scented
Some colors UV activated
Length: 6.5cm
Weight: 3.4g
Feature:10X tough, Lightly salted ,UV active,TPR buoyant material

Note: The TPR material is special and needs to be stored separately, and the accessories are only for display and need to be purchased separately


The Agile Craw is a lifelike crayfish imitation, infused with shrimp scent for added appeal.

It has the perfect action, when the craw falls into the water, the claws will swing up and down flexibly to attract predators.

The softness of the material is perfect making the Shrimp come alive in the water with just the smallest of movements in the rod, but still durable enough to keep catching fish.

This is the floating version, made from buoyant soft plastic, allowing the lure to stand up off the bottom and attract passing predators.

A little salting is added to the body to allow the shrimp to exhibit a precise sinking speed.

Some of the craw's colors are UV enhanced for additional visibility in the water.

A great choice for weedless rigs, the slightly flattened body shape and generous hook slot ensures solid hook ups. They can be rigged on a flex head, jig head, ned rig, weedless rig, split shot or drop shot rig.

Designed for perch and bass, but is still killer for pike, zander and trout too.

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