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RBC T-Tail Swimbait

RBC T-Tail Swimbait

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 T-Tail Swimbait Bass Artificial Bait
Lure Specifications
Size: Medium size 7cm(10 pieces) or Standard size 9cm (8pieces)
Qty:10pcs(medium7cm) 8pc (standard 9cm)

Key features and benefits:
1.Segmented body more flexible swimming action
2.Salted body raise the sinking speed and more perfect for weightless fishing
3.Most effective 10 colours for choose

Weightless rigs are a more natural, relaxing, and efficient option for Fishing.
According to the suggestions of customers and anglers, 30 colors were selected for testing, and the 10 colours that were most effective in attracting fish were finally selected.
Add salt to the body to increase the sinking speed
this bait have 7cm 9cm. Due to the versatility of a smaller profile 7cm can fit smallmouth fish and find plenty of use.9cm is a standard bait has a multitude of rigging options and ways to fish.

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